Here is list of a bunch of names I made up. Feel free to leave comments about making new descriptions for the blank names. But none of you, and I repeat NONE, can have the EXACT names and descriptions.

Dawneyes-                          dark tortoiseshell she-cat with distinctive dappled coat

Spottedleg-                          pale ginger tabby she-cat with darker spots on her legs and green eyes

Cloudfrost-                           long-haired white she-cat with a light silvery sheen

Stonebrook-                         skinny pale gray tom with yellow eyes

Icewing-                                white she-cat with black tipped paws, tail, ears and has four unusual black stripes

Smokemask-                        light gray tom with a dark gray mask on his face

Dewdrop-                             light gray she-cat with black flecks dappling her pelt with ice-blue eyes

Nettlepad-                           small brown tom with white forepaws

Whitecliff                             large white tom with short fur

Flameheart                          light ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt

Snaketail                              long-tailed dark brown tabby tom

Hawkfur                               dark brown tom with a white underbelly and blue eyes

Blossomfeather                  light tortoiseshell she-cat with white chest and paws

Mistglade                             lithe gray she-cat with blue eyes

Silverclaw                            long-haired silver tom with white paws

Elmpool                                light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Moonblaze                          light gray she-cat with a white blaze down her face

Swanwhite                          beautiful pure white she-cat

Badgerfang                         white tom with black stripes going down the back of his head

Snowstorm                         huge long-haired white tom

Duskwhisker                      small dusky brown tom

Ripplestream                     dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a long rippling pelt

Eagleflight                          handsome, broad-shouldered, sleek dark brown tom

Honeyleaf                           beautiful dappled golden she-cat

Breezecloud                       jet-black she-cat with ice-blue eyes

Swiftbreeze                        large black and white she-cat with amber eyes runs faster than any other cat

Nightfall                             smoky black she-cat

Pebblefoot                         light gray tom with huge dark gray paws

Sunstripe                            pale orange tabby tom with darker orange stripes

Ivypelt                                 silver and white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Mapleshade                       light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Heatherbrush                    golden brown she-cat with blue eyes

Thistleface                         brown tom with matted fur and has a grumpy temper

Creekwillow                       silvery gray tom with green eyes

Pinemarsh                          black and white she-cat

Mossvine                            tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Thrushwind                        light brown she-cat with a cream-colored chest, cream paws, and cream tipped tail

Adderteeth                        black tom with unusually long teeth

Burrwood                           brown tom with golden brown paws and ears

Embernose                         gray tom with golden brown muzzle

Raccoonring                       gray tom with black rings around the tail

Briarthorn                          dark brown tabby tom with lighter brown stripes

Reedshine                          dark orange tabby she-cat with paler orange stripes

Birdsong                             beautiful light brown tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes

Redflame                           handsome mottled brown-and-ginger tom

Bumblebee                        very pale gray she-cat with black stripes

Talonstrike                        muscular sleek dark brown tom with a long scar on his back from a talon

Brightflower                     dark gray and white she-cat

Ottersplash                       light brown she-cat with darker brown flecks across her pelt

Flintlight                           dark gray tom with light gray flecks and dark blue eyes

Wolfshadow                    dark gray tom tinged with silver and green eyes

Petalmist                         small cream she-cat with dark brown splotches and green eyes

Sedgescent                      golden tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes with a scent of sedge

Blackash                          dark gray tom, almost black, with blue eyes

Sweetbriar                       white she-cat with patches of ginger

Skychaser                         long-haired light gray tom tinged with blue

Sugarberry                       white she-cat with reddish-brown patches

Sandlake                        ginger she-cat with light blue eyes

Fallenrain                      brown tom with gray flecks, dark blue eyes

Lowbranch                    light brown tom with unusually stooped tail

Silentdream                  lithe, gray she-cat tinged with silvery blue

Sparklewish                  white she-cat with bright blue eyes and silver tipped tail

Tornsoul                        wiry brown tom with yellow eyes

Amberglow                   golden brown she-cat with glowing amber eyes

Fawnstep                      light brown tabby she-cat with brown flecks dappling her pelt and hazel eyes

Meadowlark                 pretty mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs

Bramblethicket            dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Morningsun                  slender orange she-cat with white paws and amber eyes

Risingdust                     broad-shouldered dusky brown tabby tom

Cherrydapple               brown she-cat with reddish-brown spots dappling her pelt

Ridgeear                        tabby tom with ears that have tufts of fur sticking up

Owlwatcher                  brown tom with even darker brown stripes

Sharpvenom                 black tom with unusually long claws

Larksinger                     light brown tabby she-cat with long fluffy fur and amber eyes

Gorgeleap                     very pale gray and white tom with blue eyes, jumped across a gorge when he was a apprentice

Harespring                    speckled brown tom with pale blue eyes and powerful haunches to jump

Milkeye                         gray she-cat, born blind, with cloudy eyes

Rosepetal                     tortoiseshell and cream she-cat with amber eyes

Lostwhisper                 pure white tom with tabby-striped tail and brown paws

Gingerspark                 energetic ginger she-cat with white patch on her chest and pale green eyes

Foxears                         russet colored tom with really pointy ears that always stay upright

Hollowrock                   long-haired dark gray tom with an always hungry stomach

Mintfern                      pretty gray she-cat with a soothing scent

Lilystem                        cream she-cat with black legs and bright green eyes

Shimmerice                 night-black she-cat with glossy pelt and blue eyes

Lakesky                        nimble white and ginger she-cat with clear blue eyes

Softripple                    small, lithe, white she-cat with tabby patches

Cedarmark                  brown tabby tom, stout and short-tailed

Echogaze                     long-haired gray she-cat, fur tipped with white to give her a soft, cloudy appearance

Ravenstreak                smoky black tom with white flash on his chest and green eyes

Lichenseer                  light brown she-cat with blue eyes and soft fur

Tanglenettle               long-haired tabby tom with a thick, knotted pelt

Darkpoppy                  long legged gray she-cat with white stripes

Leopardspots            black she-cat with unusual gold spotted fur and green eyes

Hazelwave                  elegant brown and cream she-cat with slanting blue eyes

Lizardrip                      black tom with yellow eyes and torn ears

Runninghorse            pale tabby tom with dark black stripes and brown paws

Endlesspath               pale gray she-cat with green eyes, one of the oldest cats in the forest

Spiritrise                     lively white she-cat with bright ginger patches

Brackenstone            tom with short creamy brown fur and amber eyes

Twilighttear               short-haired silver tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes

Tigersmoke                dark tabby tom with soft fur and bright hazel eyes

Willowmoon             pale gray she-cat with silver tabby markings and bright blue eyes

Spiderweb                 black and brown tom with white mottle markings

Riverchase                 light gray tom with silver sheen and white tipped tail with green eyes

Goldenwater             golden tabby tom with blue eyes

Bounceclaw-fluffy white she cat with long curved claws

Brackencliff-broad-shouldered ginger and white tom with blue eyes

Bramblecloud-sleek dark brown tabby she-cat with white streaks

Briardawn-red tom with white stripes and yellow eyes

Cherryfall-spotted cream she-cat with green eyes

Cinderfang-fluffy light gray tom with long, sharp teeth

Cloudfern-beautiful white she-cat with blue-gray tips to ears and tail with green eyes

Honeyblossom-pretty dark golden striped she-cat with amber eyes

Copperfire-mottled ginger tabby tom with green eyes

Creekfish-silver tom with tiny gray flecks and yellow eyes

Crowflight-jet black tom with dark blue eyes

Dapplefoot-tortoiseshell she-cat with spotted paws

Darkfrost-black and brown tabby tom with silver tipped fur

Dawnfur-pretty red, orange, and yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Deadgaze-black tom with sightless blue eyes

Dewglade-dark brown she-cat with gray spots and blue eyes

Doveglow-silver and pure white she-cat with green eyes

Goldhawk- ginger tom with golden stripes and amber eyes

Echolake-agile bluish-gray she-cat with clear blue eyes

Emberleaf-ginger she-cat with a golden tabby pelt and soft amber eyes

Fernmoon-white-she-cat with light brown tipped tail and ears with green eyes

Feathermoon-silver she-cat with blue-gray tabby fur and gold eyes

Flameoak-brown tom with ginger dappled pelt and blue eyes

Daisypetal-black and white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Eveningflower-gray she-cat with calico splotches and deep amber eyes

Fawnmark-dark brown she-cat with light brown flecks

Rainstorm-white tom with light gray flecks

Leopardpelt- unusually spotted brown tom

Flowernose-white and dark ginger she-cat

Hollysong-black she-cat with pale blue eyes

Icespark-fluffy white she-cat with green eyes

Leafstem-sleek dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Thunderstorm-muscular black tom with green eyes

Lightningstorm-jet black tom with jagged white marking on his back

Moonwind-swift white she-cat with gray eyes

Featherdream-long haired white and gray she-cat with sheen of silver

Silverberry-pretty silver she-cat with black spotted fur

Leapingfire-ginger she-cat with long legs for jumping

Robinthorn-brown tom with red belly and chest and amber eyes

Quickfoot-swift and sleek smoky black tom

Reedspot- white tom with ginger spots and tail

Shiningsun-slender thick-furred orange tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes

Skytalon-brown tom with blue eyes and powerful hind legs for jumping

Smokethorn-broad-shouldered dark gray tom with a brown tail

Snowtuft-long-haired white tom with tufts of fur behind his ears

Willowfall-brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Waspsting-gold and black tabby tom with golden tail

Stormoak-pale gray tom with brown paws

Breezeshine-blackish blue she-cat with white tipped fur and clear blue eyes

Foxslash-dark ginger she-cat with long claws

Tawnyshade-long-haired tortoiseshell and white tom with pale yellow eyes

Willowthorn-fierce tortoiseshell tom with green eyes

Mistbreeze-silver tabby she-cat with black tipped fur

Mapleblaze-dark brown tabby tom with white muzzle and amber eyes

Graywind-short-furred gray tom with blue eyes

Squirreltail-light brown tom with bushy tail

Lilypad-cream she-cat with black legs and tail

Sunblossom-golden and red she-cat with amber eyes

Icesong- pure white she-cat with piercing blue eyes

Tigerchase-muscular light brown tabby tom with black stripes

Hawkshadow-brown tom with black patches and yellow eyes

Blackthroat-white tom with black chest, paws, ears, and tail

Marshmallow-black tom with white chest, paws, ears, and tail

Gorsethorn-mottled brown tom with gray legs

Lynxfur-golden tabby tom with black spots

Thornflower-tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Softcloud- gray and white tabby she-cat with long fur

Snowdapple-black she-cat with white spotted fur

Runningstreak-wiry speckled pale brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Sagemoon-white and ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Clovernose-creamy brown she-cat with fluffy tail and blue eyes

Rosefrost-pinkish orange she-cat with silver paws

Hazelberry-tortoiseshell she-cat with white belly, legs, chest, and muzzle

Grayfang-sleek gray tabby tom with dark gray stripes and blue eyes

Hailstone-black tom with streaks of pale gray fur and a long tail

Whitefeather-white tom with streaks of silver, gray, and black with green eyes

Nighthawk- handsome black tom with brown flecks and amber eyes

Sunfang- mottled bright ginger tom with long fangs

Sharpstone- broad-shouldered tortoiseshell tom with green eyes

Bramblestrike- golden tom with distinctive black markings

Flamewing- red tom with four orange stripes and green eyes

Troutfin-dark silver tom with an appearance of having scales

Sweetrain-beautiful red and white tabby she-cat with plumed tail

Rockheart-large cloudy gray tom with a black tipped tail


Stonebird- short furred slick silver tom with a white diamond on his chest

Gorsetail- long-haired golden tabby tom with blue eyes and sharply pointed ears


Fennelclaw-tortoiseshell tom with cream patches and yellow eyes


Hawkblaze- black and brown tabby with yellow-green eyes




Quailwhisker-light brown tom with very long whiskers


Greenfeather-long haired white she-cat with bright green eyes




Featherwing- lithe



Iceripple- lithe


Shiningheart- pretty silver she-cat with shining green eyes

Fernshadow- beautiful creamy white she-cat with green eyes

Sweetbreath- tortoiseshell she-cat with




Sparklecloud- silver she-cat with pure white stripes and light blue eyes



Orangesong- slender

Blueclaw- long-limbed blue she-cat with yellow eyes and compact body














Thunderbolt- muscular jet black tom with yellow eyes

Waterfall- bluish-gray tom with long cascading fur


















Lionspirit-golden brown tom with a fluffy scruff and amber eyes